Rob's Record

Rob is a firm believer that the word “represent” found in the title of State Representative reflect his strong commitment to his constituents. By maintaining a vigorous program of outreach by regularly meeting with neighbors across the 19th District- at their doorstep, community spaces, as well as events his office helps organize. Strongly committed to the democratic process, Rob has been a vocal champion of some of the most progressive pieces of legislation passed in Illinois. Appreciating the importance of liberty, Rob is a staunch advocate of marriage equality, women's reproductive rights, and the unimpeded freedom for workers to freely associate and collectively bargain.

As a freshman legislator, Rob introduced a bill (HB5318) that became an important part of the Illinois Conceal Carry Legislation. His provision created an "automatic objection" to the application for a conceal and carry permit made by persons who had been arrested 5 or more times in the previous 7 years (for any reason) and by persons who had been arrested 3 or more times in the previous 7 years for gang-related activity. Any person whose application has been objected to must appear before a 7 panel license review committee which holds a hearing and decides whether to grant the license to the applicant. This automatic objection process helped make Illinois' Conceal Carry law into a "hybrid" Shall Issue/May Issue law, providing for a tool to deny licenses to people who repeatedly run afoul of the law, while at the same time ensuring that law abiding citizens would not have their rights infringed upon. Martwick's provision was widely backed by both 2nd Amendment and gun control advocates, and it received more votes than any other provision. Shortly after it became law, a known gang leader was denied a conceal carry permit due to this provision.

Rob is also the chief sponsor of HB557, a bill that would create an elected school board for the city of Chicago. This bill would allow residents to elect a school board representative that they know, who lives in close proximity to them, and understands the challenges that their local schools face. The small districts would ensure minority representation, as well as limit the influence of outside money on the election process. This bill would also mandate that the school board President of Chicago Public School be elected city-wide. This city-wide executive post would help to draw media attention to the various policies and help to inform voters so that they are making wise choices in their representative elections.

Together with Treasurer Michael Frerichs, Rob helped pass the Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act, with a bi-partisan majority of 75 votes. This bill required insurance companies inform families of policy holders who died that they had money which they could collect on, something that they were not legally obligated to do previously.

In his three terms as a Representative, Robert Martwick has served on numerous committees including:Economic Development and Housing, Judiciary-Civil, Human Services, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Elementary Education/Charter School Policy, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Veterans Affairs, Museums Arts and Cultural Enhancement, International Trade and Commerce, Business and Occupational Licenses, Transportation/Vehicle & Safety, and Public Safety/Police and Fire.

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